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I have some exciting news that I'm finally feeling is right to share. We are moving to the west coast. In particular, the Pacific Northwest in Seattle!

Jack accepted a job offer for an opportunity he could not refuse. His start date is in January, which means next week he will be moving across the country. Only Jack to start, because my plans are to live bicoastal for a while. I have a few contracts here that I have to be available for within New York at least until May. Which is bittersweet. I am not excited about living apart from my husband for months at a time but I am also not entirely ready to leave NYC. So if we're being optimistic, its the best of both worlds, right?

Being able to keep one foot in New York, also makes everything a little more complicated. It's scary and daunting, imagining everything that has to happen. We probably will not be moving most of our furniture out until the spring, so I have to prioritize what items to purchase to make his life (and mine when I'm there) more comfortable, without wasting a ton of money. We also have to sort out where the dogs are going to live until I'm full time in Seattle and what we will do with our apartment next year. The plan is to NOT sell it, and I most likely will not rent it this year. We want to be flexible for the year, just in case we completely hate it out there. We also have to figure out the best way how, and when to get our car out there. 

Our little dream cottage

Our little dream cottage

The living room - look at those moldings!

The living room - look at those moldings!

One major item checked off the list is where we'll be living in Seattle for the next year. I found a home online and put down a deposit on it, sight unseen. A little wild, but a very kind family friend looked at it for us and advised us to go for it. I'm super excited about the possibility of living in a house. It's a real house. An itty bitty one, but real. And beautiful, built in 1901, a craftsman cottage, complete with a garage, off street parking, two bedrooms, a dining room and a white picket fence (they just put the fence up last week for us)! I mean, what a little dream come true. It even has the original moldings and a front porch and foyer. I'm dying to get myself out there to see it, (yes I haven't seen it in person yet!) and hug it! Or the front porch column at the very least. 

As for the business, we're planning to take that bicoastal as well. I have no idea what and who the clients in Seattle will be, but I'm imagining my work will be heavier on the residential projects and lighter on commercial. Although, maybe a company from New York with an extensive portfolio in creative and visual merchandising might be exactly what the city needs? 

In the coming weeks I'm planning to transition the blog as well. I'll have new content to start posting about, mostly regarding the design and decorating challenges I'll be experiencing as we transition our lives from an apartment in New York, to a house in Seattle. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to keep the title of Fourth Floor Walk Up, considering that we will not be living in a walk up or on the fourth floor any longer. As a matter of fact, our new home will only have a first floor. Since some blogs are so personal, they too change as our lives change, so I don't see that to be the worst thing imaginable. I have followed other blogs over the years that have changed their name and the transition was mostly seamless.

I hope you all can be as excited as we are about this crazy endeavor. I know I'm personally looking forward to new challenges and house projects. I'm already keeping myself up at night thinking about how I'm going to tackle the guest bedroom/office situation... more on that to come. 

If anyone has suggestions or recommendations for moving companies, car shippers, or anything pertaining to moving us to Seattle, that would be wonderful. Also, if anyone has any tips on stores, things to do, places to go, people to meet or whatever in the PNW, please send them my way. I'm all ears! And definitely looking to network!