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SPACES | Plug-in Sconces For Under $300

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Bedroom Sconces | Image: Claire Esparros of Homepolish

Bedroom Sconces | Image: Claire Esparros of Homepolish

In deciding what to pack for our move I went back and forth on the wall sconces. In the end though, I decided I'd keep them in Brooklyn. None of the ones I own are very expensive and they're still useful in that space. This does mean that I'd have to find some for the Seattle house. My greatest requirement just after how they look, is that they have to be under $300 each in order to be considered. Even better if they're under $200, since sconces are needed in pairs most often. Also, plug-in is a requirement, since I'm not hiring an electrician to adjust wiring. To save you some time researching, I've tallied up for a list of my favorite plug-in sconces for under $300. 

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