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SPACES | "New" Kitchen Sideboard + Bar for the Apartment

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Our kitchen has been a slow going process. Taking months at a time for little tasks to be accomplished. Take our backsplash that I created a whole bunch of hubbub over when I finally had it tiled a few months ago. One of the last projects for this room is the hallway/niche that leads into the kitchen. It's the next space you see when you walk into the door of our apartment if you continue straight rather than turning right to go into the living room. 

Dahlia's from the Farmer's Market | Photograph by Lauren L Caron

Dahlia's from the Farmer's Market | Photograph by Lauren L Caron

Last winter, Jack and I replaced the glass panels in the cabinets of this niche, to mirrors to bring in more light and to also bring it up a notch in style. We can't afford to replace the cabinets nor do we want to remove them, they're so useful for a small kitchen like the one that we have. We did want to add a little extra storage and to define this space as a place for a sexy bar and perhaps a better showcase surface, so up until recently there was a butcher block bar mounted to the wall below the cabinets. Last weekend, we replaced it with a very exciting "new" piece of furniture!

The new Sideboard installed |  Photograph by Lauren L Caron

The new Sideboard installed | Photograph by Lauren L Caron

For months I wanted a credenza or sideboard for this space, but the depth that could fit was less than 21" and it had to have tall enough legs for our dogs to fit underneath. With the bar, we placed their beds underneath when we left them at home. This has become their safe space that acts as a crate. We also replaced the kitchen door with a screen door that we close, so that they have visibility of the entry, living room and front door. This makes them especially happy when they hear a noise at the front door. Which means it's very important to maintain that space as a place for the pups. 

My options were limited but I know that federal style sideboards often have tall legs and are typically narrow in depth. Their original purpose was for formal dining rooms to be used a server, they have drawers to store silverware, serving items and linens. Which is exactly the sort of items I would like for my bar. I also have noticed that there are sometimes really great deals on these pieces since not that many people have formal dining rooms these days. 

Max napping under the new sideboard. A success!  | Photograph by Lauren L Caron

Max napping under the new sideboard. A success! | Photograph by Lauren L Caron

One day I happened upon just the right server, just out of my price point at a consignment shop in Massachusetts. I decided, what the heck, I'll put it on watch and if the price comes down to an amount I'd like to spend, I'll figure out how to buy it myself. Two months later I received an email at midnight on the dot, that this server's price had dropped down to $350! Immediately I emailed Momma Judes (my mother) to ask her if she would please, please, please pick up this item if I were to purchase it. We called in the morning and they put the item on hold and my parents drove to outside of Boston to pick it up - I know, they're so nice!

One month later, they finally were able to bring it down to the city on a visit. The three of us, my father, mother and I, with a broken arm spent most of Saturday afternoon drinking rosé and pulling out the bar. It was a little stressful as it always is doing anything in the city. But in the end, it turned out beautifully. Now my mother has #FOMO and is on the hunt for her very own sideboard for her home.

One last improvement I made was to purchase a mildly attractive radio for the dogs. I wanted something that was unapologetically a radio, but also looked pretty good on the counter. This one by Crosley had great ratings on Amazon and fit the bill for size and look.  

Crosley Radio  | Photograph by Lauren L Caron

Crosley Radio | Photograph by Lauren L Caron

Ultimately, I want to wallpaper the back wall with a fun pattern which will really set it apart from the rest of the kitchen. In a previous kitchen post [here] I created this rendering to show what I was planning do at the time. I'm still thinking along the lines of a fun classic paper, but now I'm narrowing in on the Queen of Spain pattern by Schumacher in silver and white. This paper is so chic and I just love the scale in both large and small spaces, designed by Michael Taylor in 1963 it still feels very modern today.  

Kitchen Rendering  | Photograph by Lauren L Caron

Kitchen Rendering | Photograph by Lauren L Caron

Another thought is to paper this space with the removable paper from Hygge & West. I'm really loving the Diamante patten since I used it in a project at Bergdorf's. They have just the right color way also. It would make so much more sense if I put this in because it would be so much less work, but we'll see if I can come to a decision.

Diamante Pattern in Grey and White | By Hygge & West

Diamante Pattern in Grey and White | By Hygge & West

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