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SPACES | Plug-in Sconces For Under $300

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Bedroom Sconces | Image: Claire Esparros of Homepolish

Bedroom Sconces | Image: Claire Esparros of Homepolish

In deciding what to pack for our move I went back and forth on the wall sconces. In the end though, I decided I'd keep them in Brooklyn. None of the ones I own are very expensive and they're still useful in that space. This does mean that I'd have to find some for the Seattle house. My greatest requirement just after how they look, is that they have to be under $300 each in order to be considered. Even better if they're under $200, since sconces are needed in pairs most often. Also, plug-in is a requirement, since I'm not hiring an electrician to adjust wiring. To save you some time researching, I've tallied up for a list of my favorite plug-in sconces for under $300. 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

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UPDATE: Wall Lamps For the Bedroom

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Over a month ago I was debating on which wall lamps to choose for my bedroom, I wrote about it in the post WALL LAMPS FOR THE BEDROOM. I had an idea of what I wanted but couldn't settle on the specific lamp and finish.  In the end I went with an antiqued brass finish and the double swing arm style. The lamps arrived and this weekend Jack kindly helped me with the installation. I'm really happy with these lamps, they have a dimmer switch that's great for reading, they're a modest size and if I want to change the shade at some point to modernize them, I can. Woo hoo! Here's to another successful online purchase!

Lamps can be found here: Lamps Plus - Double Arm Antique Brass Wall Lamp

Wall Lamps For The Bedroom

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Do you ever just obsess over something so much that you make yourself dizzy trying to make a decision?  I'm not usually that person. I typically see something, love it, hate it and make a quick decision on whether I want it or not. I'm in the process of choosing wall lamps for my bedroom and for some reason I just can't figure out which one. As you can see I have a number of inspiration images (even more on Pinterest) that I use to help me understand how whatever it is I choose may look in my bedroom.

I have narrowed my search down to a pair of swing arm lamps that have a square or rectangular base, in an antique brass with a simple white/off-white shade.  I've found a number of good options but nothing that is quite perfect, either the shade is off or the plate is too big or too small. Honestly, I kind just want exactly what Jessica Stam has in her apartment. I wish I knew who makes them! Any suggestions?