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SPACES | Plug-in Sconces For Under $300

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Bedroom Sconces | Image: Claire Esparros of Homepolish

Bedroom Sconces | Image: Claire Esparros of Homepolish

In deciding what to pack for our move I went back and forth on the wall sconces. In the end though, I decided I'd keep them in Brooklyn. None of the ones I own are very expensive and they're still useful in that space. This does mean that I'd have to find some for the Seattle house. My greatest requirement just after how they look, is that they have to be under $300 each in order to be considered. Even better if they're under $200, since sconces are needed in pairs most often. Also, plug-in is a requirement, since I'm not hiring an electrician to adjust wiring. To save you some time researching, I've tallied up for a list of my favorite plug-in sconces for under $300. 

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Have any more to add, comment and let us know!

TREND | Favorite Decor Trends of 2014

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A lot of people are talking about the best trends of 2014 and the list seems to be quite long. Which I find interesting, considering home tends to be slower than fashion with trend turn around. Some of the featured trends are design characteristics that have been around for a while and will remain for the next several years. In 2014 there were a few very strong stand outs and Domaine Home compiled a good list. Have you seen it? After reading through would I definitely say that I had a few favorites - I assuredly have felt myself swoon for some trends and have even had the inkling to incorporate them into my home. Below are my top three. Do you have any favorites?


I'd have to say at the very top of my list is the new found appreciation for classic portrait paintings. For centuries portraits have been around. They're the original family photo or in some cases, selfie -  just so much more elegant.  Someday I hope to have a few precious portraits of my own for our home, until then I'll have to continue to saving and swooning. 

The Apartment of Cindy Greene from Libertine

The Apartment of Cindy Greene from Libertine


I have to say, this makes me a little sad to learn that it is actually considered a trend. I guess it's a good thing that I can't paint my cabinets because I for sure would be doing a version of this, with white Carrera marble countertops and backsplashes, brass hardware and lets throw in some chevron oak bleached floors... Dream kitchen can I say?


I first started falling for neon signs when we made a trip out to Portland and Seattle several years ago. On the east coast neon storefront signs are far and few between, at least up until recently. So for us to see stores with the quirky and sometimes clever signs glowing in neon was a real treat. Just recently, they've made their way inside the stores as new uses for signage as well as inside residential interiors. I'm not sure if I would put any into my home, but I definitely still enjoy the look. 

I'm curious about what this coming year's trends will be. I wonder if the Pantone color of the year will have any effect on interior trends? I doesn't seem like last year's Radiant Orchid found it's way into the top trends. I would say, possibly the mood of the color more so had an effect on trends - it's bright, feminine and young, which were similar to characteristics of other trends - take neon for example. Perhaps this year's Marsala will spike a trend in moodier, more mature and masculine interiors?  

UPDATE: Wall Lamps For the Bedroom

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Over a month ago I was debating on which wall lamps to choose for my bedroom, I wrote about it in the post WALL LAMPS FOR THE BEDROOM. I had an idea of what I wanted but couldn't settle on the specific lamp and finish.  In the end I went with an antiqued brass finish and the double swing arm style. The lamps arrived and this weekend Jack kindly helped me with the installation. I'm really happy with these lamps, they have a dimmer switch that's great for reading, they're a modest size and if I want to change the shade at some point to modernize them, I can. Woo hoo! Here's to another successful online purchase!

Lamps can be found here: Lamps Plus - Double Arm Antique Brass Wall Lamp

Wall Lamps For The Bedroom

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Do you ever just obsess over something so much that you make yourself dizzy trying to make a decision?  I'm not usually that person. I typically see something, love it, hate it and make a quick decision on whether I want it or not. I'm in the process of choosing wall lamps for my bedroom and for some reason I just can't figure out which one. As you can see I have a number of inspiration images (even more on Pinterest) that I use to help me understand how whatever it is I choose may look in my bedroom.

I have narrowed my search down to a pair of swing arm lamps that have a square or rectangular base, in an antique brass with a simple white/off-white shade.  I've found a number of good options but nothing that is quite perfect, either the shade is off or the plate is too big or too small. Honestly, I kind just want exactly what Jessica Stam has in her apartment. I wish I knew who makes them! Any suggestions?