Brooklyn based lifestyle blog by Lauren L Caron


Fourth Floor Walk Up is a lifestyle blog written by Lauren L Caron, an interior designer and creative consultant who resides in New York City and Seattle, WA. This blog focuses on the NYC area and features local spaces and interiors that encompass retailers, restaurants, hotels and residences.

You may contact me through the form below, or please visit my design consulting website [] to see more of my work. 

Why Fourth Floor Walk Up? When I began writing this blog I lived in a 425 square foot rental apartment on the Upper East Side that was on the fourth floor in a walk up building. In 2011, my husband Jack, our dog Rita, and I moved to a 675 square foot apartment in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, that also happens to be on the fourth floor. New York City is famous for it's walk up apartments and yes, they are lower in rent the higher up you go!


I grew up within a household centered around decorating with the interest being past down through generations. My grandmother, mother and I have all had the ability to see spaces for what they are and what they can be. If you live in the New York Metro area and you would like help in making the right design choices for your home, please contact me. 


I love to meet new people throughout the blogosphere, whether you're a writer or reader, let's get to know one another. 


My career before taking on interior design full-time was centered around the Visual Merchandising field and I love just about everything that it involves. I choose to only touch slightly on the surface of the VM world here, but if you ever want to chat in regards to the industry, I'd love to hear from you!